State Drone Laws

(L = Regulates Law Enforcement Officials/P = Regulates Private or Commercial Drone Use)



Current Unmanned Aircraft State Law Landscape

Arkansas (P)

House Bill 1349

House Bill 1770

Florida (L)

Freedom from Unwarranted Surveillance Act

Idaho (L+P)

State Law for Aeronautics

Illinois (L)

Freedom from Drone Surveillance Act

Louisiana (P – Agriculture)

Senate Bill No. 183

Michigan (P – Surveillance of Hunters - Hunting & Game)

Enrolled Senate Bill No. 54

Enrolled Senate Bill No. 55

Mississippi (P)

Senate Bill No. 2022

Montana (L)

46-5-109. Limitations on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Nevada (P + L)

Assembly Bill No. 239

New Hampshire (P – Surveillance of Hunters)

Senate Bill 222-FN

North Carolina (L+P)

Restrictions on the Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems

North Dakota (L)

House Bill No. 1328

Oregon (L+P)

House Bill No. 2710

(P – Surveillance of Hunters)

House Bill No. 2534

Tennessee (L+P)

Senate Bill No. 1892

House Bill No. 153

Texas (P)

Chapter 423. Use of Unmanned Aircraft

House Bill No. 3628

House Bill No. 1481

Utah (L)

House Bill No. 296

Virginia (L)

Chapter 764. H2125

West Virginia (P- Hunting)

House Bill No. 2515