Hintze Law PLLC exclusively provides global data protection counseling for technology, ecommerce, advertising, media, and mobile companies, organizations, and industry associations. The matters we handle include:

Regulatory and Public Policy. We provide strategic counsel on legislative, regulatory, and other policy matters, including crafting tactical input to developing laws, guidelines, standards, and self-regulatory principles.

Global Privacy and Data Compliance. We provide guidance on cross-border data transfers and compliance with international data protection laws, working as needed with a hand-picked team of regional counsel.   

Enforcement Defense. We have extensive experience responding to FTC, Attorneys General, and international data protection authority inquiries and investigations, as well as managing compliance with consent decrees and settlement agreements.

Privacy and Security Policies and Programs. We help clients develop privacy and security policies, training, and programs, including privacy-by-design privacy product reviews, to help build and maintain trust and compliance with privacy and data protection laws.   

Privacy Assessments. We conduct privacy assessments and reviews at systems and product levels to identify the data our clients collect, use, and store; evaluate risks; and provide strategic recommendations and solutions using efficient methods tailored to each client’s size and needs.  
Data Transactions. We understand the value and pitfalls of consumer data in technology and marketing transactions and help clients negotiate terms designed to protect data rights, avoid data risks, and meet regulatory and industry privacy requirements.   

Privacy and Security Due Diligence. We have deep expertise conducting and responding to privacy and security due diligence inquiries in corporate M&A deals and developing cybersecurity and privacy SEC disclosures.  

Data Security and Breaches. We advise clients on strategies to minimize the risk of data breaches, and provide counseling on effectively and efficiently responding to data breach incidents.  

Strategy and Communications. We work with companies to build privacy into their brands, create competitive differentiation strategies, and develop key messaging.











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